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Any need, a Comotech solution!


Specialist of small and medium runs, Comotech Industries work out low voltage 12V and 24V DC motors (worm gear and spur gear), with a range of power from 10 to 500 Watts for any of your mechanical , food industry, home automation or even robotics needs... 


Comotech Industries proposes branded engines having showed their ability: reliability and efficiency guarranteed. In particular, it is question of a range of engines (GMK, GML) DC current (with no gear) with a diameter of 42 and 60.

GMP motors (diameter 42 and voltage 12V) offers two drive axles(two gears) perfect for home appliances, office equipment (photocopier), medical equipments.

Other products, other assets: GMPI (diameter 42) with planetary gearing. These products are very powerful and also compact. Available in both 12 volts and 24 volts. Coming for automotive industry, these motors are perfectly adapted to industrial sector and home automation sector, paramedical sector, ... mass production allow us to provide you products with very competitive prices.


Worm gear: performance and solididy

Home automation (opening and closing of gates, garage gate automation, ...) industry, office equipment (photocopier): providing technical answers to all you needs, Comotech Industries make available to your business customized product-solutions.

Our worm gear products have different diameter: 42, 60, 90, and are available with power from 10W to 500watts. Responding to high specifications from the automotive sector, these worm gear associated performance and solididy.

Low voltage motors from our company, can be used on new system and also on second hand system, they can be easily adapted to existing facilities.Compact motors from this range can be power supplied by rechargeable solar panel battery: automation and energy saving.



Do you need a powerful motor? Comotech Industries makes available GMPD and GMPS worm motors (with or without nut): their are motors providing good power supply in both clockwise and anti-clockwise: same efficiency in both ways of rotation! With Comotech's solutions, your systems will become twice as efficient!

All GMPD and GMPS motors makes your life easier!

To open and close the gates, these  motors are equipped with sensors integrated into the security system in case of obstacle for smooth running: the motor will not over-heat, offering security guarantee to your Home and office.


Guarantee - A standard

tampon-qualiteTo better satisfy our customers with quality products, Comotech Industries leans on branded partners (Valéo, Nidec, etc...). All our standard components (and also our customized products) join completely the respect  current quality standards in the Product Design Specifications from our partners. Supplier selection, referencing, Engineering department, tests, control in every stage of component creations, Comotech Industries gives special care to product solutions we provide.

This commitment testifies the quality of our products, but also of our professional advice:
Your satisfaction is our future !   


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Mise à disposition de notre nouveau catalogue de moteurs 380 volts "in4Drive" en version PDF à partir de septembre...


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