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One of Comotech Industries' best assets is our workforce, forming a real team. Each member of staff work to improve service to our customers. Passionately. Whatever their position in the company: reception and order entry, sale representative, CAD engineers, store-men, welders... From reception to the export office: the enthusiasm to please our clients is the same.

Our sales representative is Mr Thierry BERTHOU, available for any technical and pricing demands.

He will visit you as required, according to your needs, wherever your location on the globe is...

The research and development representative is Mr Nicolas CAJEAN, Mechanical engineer using the specific software tool CAD Autocad Inventor 2010 to fulfil your drawing requirements.

The administrative department is represented by Benjamin Ayer - Customer order management - Accounting and Administrative Assistant - Acquisition office, assuring the management of delivery deadlines, and Diane Nedellec - Administrative and Financial person in charge.

Mikaël, Franck, Romuald are in charge of the preparation, the packing and delivery of your orders.

Vincent - is working on component mechanical aspects, using special processes as welding, for specific parts requiring proper attention.

The quality department is represented by Mr Nicolas Cosquer and Antoine Jaffré. They are committed to the development and implementation of the quality management system and continually improves its effectiveness according to ISO 9001.

The team also counts a commercial partner Mr Terry Powers, dedicated to the markets of the United-States and Canada, under the sign of Comotech NA, at Dayton, there to define your needs and to bring you technical and economic answers.

COMOTECH SE team is made of Christophe, Electrical Technician and Jean, Responsible for Production and in charge of development of moulds and the creation of resin around components or systems - special process that gives tightness to components.


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E-news of Comotech

Mise à disposition de notre nouveau catalogue de moteurs 380 volts "in4Drive" en version PDF à partir de septembre...


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