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Comotech Industries, offers also windscreen wiper systems designed according the specifications of particular windscreen, with wiper blade from 340mm up to 1meter, they can be mounted on all kind of wiper arms from 350mm to 900mm.

vignette-essuyageFor parallel windscreen wiper system, a range of wiper arm from 500 to 970 mm associated to a range of 12V and 24V motors allows the screen to be wiped  from 45 to 95°. For complex applications, it is possible to design specific linkage, axles and pivot housing kits.

We know how to associate components (wiper arm, lever assembly, links, pivot assembly...) to reach the perfectly correct length.

Windscreen wiper arms are equipped with 12V or 24V DC motors, having 1 or 2 speeds in order to for instance, a segmented sweeping (from 80 to 180°) or to put on the complete mechanism operating maximum 4 wiper arms and wiper blades.

Depending on the dimension of the windscreen, it is possible for us to define very quickly a complete kit according to a wide range of wiper modules (links, levers, pivot housings, balls, etc...).



Comotech Industries makes available, according to your specifications complete kits. All customized ; all you will have to do is to connect the cable harness to the system. (Available product in 104°, 150° and 180°, 12v or 24v).



Coated or plastic nozzle, nozzles haves 1 or 2 diffusers.


Nozzle arms

Wiper arms 9 by 2.5mm to 12 by 4mm, from 1 to 6 diffusers.



Bulkheads thickness from 1 to 45mm.



For 4 mm tubes, straight, or T shape, with or without flow regulator.


Tubes & staples

PVC or rubber tubes are available by meter and fixed by plastic staples (mounting on wiper arm  from 9 x 2.5mm to 16 x 6 mm).


Pumps & tanks

Pumps 12V and 24V can be directly mounted on the tank or swerved. A 24V anti parasite pump is available.


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