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Specialist of small and average serial, Comotech Industries develops motors (axial or radial outlet shaft) DC current 12 volts, 24 volts and 72 volts, low tension, an electrical power from 10 to 500 watts for your mechanical, domotic, agro-alimentary or even domotic...

Comotech Industries offers motors made with products from trademarks who have technically prove oneself.

Our Nidec range include motor range (GMK, GML) in DC current (without reducer) in diameter 42mm and diameter 60mm as well as geared motors (SWMK, SW2K, DCK31 and DCK35.

Our GMP motors (diameter 42, 12 volts) have, as advantage, two drive shafts. Ideal for appliances, desk material (photocopier), medical material.

Other range, other advantage : the GMPI motors (diameter 42) with plane reducer. These products have the asset to be powerful and very compact. Available in 12 and 24 volts. Coming from automotive technology, these motors fit perfectly with industrial sector, domotic, paramedical, blinds... large-scale manufacturing allows us to propose very competitives rates on many references of our catalogue.

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