Comotech Industries leads the product developpement thanks to its design office and the manufacturing thanks to its own site Comotech Asia Pacific.

We support you in your project, from design to delivery, going through the manufacturing. Our design office numbered many CAD station (Inventor).

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EV - Carte-synchro

Butterfly wiping system

Comotech Industries has developed a wiping motor and an electronic board to remove the linkages from its wiping systems and have the capacity to use one only motor for differents wiping angles and differents systems.


No linkage :

  • 2 synchronised motors
  • Adjustable wiping angle

Adjustable wiping angle

  • Adjustable wiping angle
  • SWL motor with threaded shaft
Exemple d'un système EV avec angle de 80°
Capacitive switches

Touch interface

Comotech Industries has developed an electronic board to control the different functions of the vehicle.

This solution allows :

  • No micro-switch
  • "Clicking noise" at the function activation
  • No relays
  • CAN protocol
  • Vocal control
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