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Comotech Asia Pacific

This production site is entirely dedicated to Comotech premises

Located in Hangzhou in Zhejiang district in China, CAP was created in May 2013.

Design and development are made by the design office in Comotech Industries then validated by the engineer, responsible of the Hangzhou site.

Comotech Asia Pacific works with validated components suppliers and manufactures for the linkages parts.

It produces and supplies all the wiping-systems components except for the motor, which is still from our European production.

Whilst using European formulas, we design following the customer specifications :

Timonerie - Axe fou
  • Pivot-shaft, connecting rod, crank, articulation triangle
  • Wiper-arm, steel or stainless steel
  • Blades (standard, flat) equipped or not with washer systems
  • Washer tank
  • Our own range of wiper-blades (from 350mm to 1200mm) with or without boxes
  • Screwing
  • Entire linkage, steel or stainless steel
Comotech industries - Asia pacific
Comotech Asia Pacific

Examples of realizations

Range of application

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