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A polyvalent design office

To respond to the need to become more flexible and reactive along with the needs by the large industrial groups, Comotech Industries offers a personalized solution for small and average series : development, research, design, prototype realization, prototype adaptation (wiping systems, motors, switches, symbols) then the parts manufacturing : tailor size to follow your expectations.

Comotech Industries guarantees flexibility and reactivity. It passes first by the design office and its technicians, remaining at your disposal all along the project life span.

A unique resin technology

Product qualification in diverse areas of applications is our one company goal.

Resin technology - as well as for wiping motors or industrial motors, pumps, connectors and switches - allows to reach IP68 for more rigorous and specific applications.

Process : make a part tight until degrees IP68 and conform to Fire & Smoke specification NF F 16101

Application : make motors, switches, pumps tight

Know-how : realization of mold for a serial manufacturing

Means : two air-conditioned rooms with air extractors devoted to resinating process, 4 persons empowered for this specific process

A systematic product/project validation

Comotech Industries realizes (in addition of type tests in specialized test laboratory) its own tests. In line customer specifications or by its own company enterprise. In its quest of continuous improvement and product qualification.

  • Test SAE (endurance test until 3.000.000 cycles)
  • Performing under stabilized torque
  • Motor under blocked torque
  • Plays in the reducer mechanism
  • Dielectrical and insulation tests
  • Overtension and polarity inversion
  • Wiping test with mud

The prototyping

For Comotech Industries, its products qualification is made by the realization of prototypes... by its own means or by our suppliers.

These prototypes are used also for type tests, performing tests, customer validation...


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