Technical means

We are designing and producing in small and average series specific parts or standard (wiping systems, motors, switches etc...).

For that, we work on part or system feasibility following your specifications.

The design office use CAD software Autodesk Inventor. The producation line Comotech Asia Pacific use Autocad. The design office compound by 3 persion assisted by 2 persons in quality office. This team realize and technical and quality documentation (BOM, eco-design, drawing, RAMS, procedure and test report, inspection plan, material certificate, conformity certificate, FMECA, etc...)

We design the part in our workshop in the "Prototyping area", the realisations also guarantee an accuracy and quality work : welding, transformation, heat-weld by ultrasound, laser printing (used for resinated parts traceability or logos printing on switch indicators).

Thanks to the following equipment :

  • Test bench for wiping prototypes
  • Test bench for endurance tests
  • Electrical test bench for the switches panel
  • Brake bench
  • Dielectrical test bench
  • Prototype and quality area
Essai d'essuyage

We realise the following tests :

After customer request or following our needed about deep knowledge on our new wiping parts (wiper-blade, wiper-arm or motor) close to be added in our product range :

  • SAE Tests (endurance test until 3 millions cycles)
  • Performance under stabilized torque
  • Motor ability under blocked torque
  • Ability and functional play of reductor mechanism
  • Dielectrical and insulation tests
  • Overpower and polarity inversion
  • Wiping test with mud

We realize in a test laboratory some more specific test :

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Shocks & vibrations
  • Acoustic test
  • Corrosion protection (salt spray)
  • Tighteness (on resinated parts) (IP)
  • Climatic tests
  • Compatibility test "Fire & smoke"

To be more reactive and offer express delivery time, Comotech Industries have, in its warehouse, a large amount of parts, from an important range of references..

We can dispatch your order under 24h thanks to our transport providers referenced in the top 10 of the transporters.

At the service of professionals.